Youth Ministries

Dr. Gerali has over three decades of youth ministry experience. He has (and still does) worked in the trenches of youth ministry to crafting graduate degrees in youth ministry. He is sought after as a National and International speaker, trainer and consultant in the areas of:

  • Youth Culture
  • Adolescence
  • Leadership training
  • Volunteer training

Youth Ministry consulting includes:

  • Crafting and evaluating a philosophy and theology of youth minisry
  • Assessing and Evaluating program, resources an ministry priorities
  • Assessing the administration and management of YouthMinistry
  • Training and eqipping of professional and volunteer youth workers
  • Evaluating the effective use of resources for effective youth ministry
  • Evaluating and Coaching program and paradigm shifts for a youth ministry and a church.
  • Crafting effective developmentally appropriate ministry to pre-teens, teens and young adults
  • Crafting effective ministry to parents of teens
  • Establishing your church youth ministry as a recognized resource for youth advocacy in your community

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