Periodicals, Chapters & Books

Steve Gerali authored a regular column entitled: “Renovatus: Restoring the Soul of the Youth Worker”, for Youthworker Journal.

Teenage Guys: Exploring the Issues that Teenage Guys Face and the Strategies to Help Them. (2006). Zondervan.

How to Stay Christian in High School. (2004). NavPress

The Struggle. (2003). NavPress

“Seeing Clearly: Community Context” (2001). In Dean, Clark & Rahn (Eds.) Starting Right: Thinking Theologically about Youth Ministry.  Youth Specialties Academic/Zondervan Publishing Co.

Contributing author for Baker Encyclopedia of Christian Education, (2001) Baker Book House..

Contributing author for Jesus Bible a new teen study bible; Introductions to each Old Testament Prophetic Book, Isaiah through Malachi;  The Gospels, Matthew through John and the Book of Acts. (2001); Tyndale Publishing Company.

“Parenting the Parentless: Ministry to Emotionally Abandoned Students” (Nov/Dec 1999). Youthworker Contemporary Journal for Youth Ministry, p. 48-53.

“The Reshaping of Adolescence in the Twenty-first Century and It’s Effects on Global Youth Ministry” (1998). In Borgman & Cook (Eds.) Agenda for Youth Ministry: Cultural Themes for Faith and Church. SPCK; London.

“Cross-Gender Counseling: Guidelines for Ministry Effectiveness” (1995). In Elliot & Olson (Eds.) Breaking the Gender Barrier in Youth Ministry. Victor Books; chapter on “Cross_ Gender Counseling”.

“Paradigms in the Contemporary Church that Reflect Generational Values” (1995). In Pete Ward (Ed.)  The Church and Youth Ministry: How Does Youth Ministry Fit in the Life of the Church.  Lynx Publishing Co.

Contributing author for God’s Word for Students (1995); by World Publishing Co.

“Session 5: Premarital Sex” and “Session 6: Homosexuality”, (1985) in Hot Buttons. Gospel Light Publications/Regal Books.

Body By God. (1983) David C. Cook Publishing Co.


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