Dr. Steven Gerali is a speaker, author, professor, clinical counselor, consultant and mentor who is recognized around the world as an expert in the field of adolescence, mentoring and youth ministry. Over the years Steve has demonstrated his passion for Jesus Christ by challenging teenagers and those who touch the lives of teenagers to find wholeness, fulfillment and a deeper relationship in Jesus Christ. He firmly believes that life change happens in the context of intentionally loving relationships with Christ and others. Steve and his wife, Jan are “empty-nesters” and currently live in southern California.

On the pages in this website you will read alot of stuff about who I am, what I’ve accomplished and what I do. I hope that this assists you in determining how I can serve you. But you really should know my heart. For years I have told students ”It’s all going to burn”.  All of the accolades and achievements will have no bearing on eternity. Only the valuable people whose lives we have invested in will last. The greatest moments of my life are not contained in these pages because they are in my children and the men and women that I have the priviledge of mentoring. Life change happens in the context of interntionally loving relationships. I’m a rich man because I get to walk life’s journey with some of the greatest and most precious people God created and Jesus redeemed. That wont burn! What a ride!